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I'm Raja, aka Mettleink. Born and stationed in Bangalore, I have been tattooing since 2012, and drawing since I don't know when. My love for art comes out in not just tattoos, but any medium I want to try out. But tattoos are my way of life.

When you decide to get a tattoo from me, my aim is to ensure that  you get something unique to your personality, and that you get an experience of the best of my world.

Art for me, is not just a creative outlet, or just my profession, it is my way of life. And when you decide to get inked by me, all I ask from you is to shed your inhibitions and surrender to the physical pain. Why? Because when you overcome pain thresholds you set for yourself, you discover something new and more about your own self.

So, come! Join me in this journey of finding our true souls, and not just decorating our bodies.

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